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I can't transfer music with the one button transfer feature.



Depending on your version of software, the system may need to be in an idle state to allow the one button transfer of music. I.e. Background music must be off, as must timed background, the system must not be playing or have any tracks awaiting play (reject all tracks). This is the idle state required for one button track transfer. Also make sure your music supplier has placed all music inside an mp3 folder on the distribution media.


The jukebox system seems to hang on one track, the system still accepts credits and appears to be working but its been stuck playing the same track for ages and there is no audio output.


The data stream of the media file is corrupt, this is a known and reproducible situation caused by faulty or DRM protected media files. The file in question must be locked out using the systems lockout button and then rejected, so enabling the system to continue to play. NOTE, the system will not actually lockout the file totally until the next reboot.


The jukebox audio system seems to be jumping when driven hard, what's happening?


The amplifier is intermittently cutting out due to incorrect speaker impedance. See section on Ohms law in the manual, Figures 10, 11, 12.


The jukebox audio system is clicking and audio quality is poor, what's happening and how can I solve it?


The amplifier is clipping, this is normally due to over driving the jukebox audio input. This can be rectified by adjust the standard jukebox input gain of 0db to -5db, experimentation may be required to find the ideal input sensitivity. The same can be achieved locally or remotely (if the system supports remote desktop) by reducing the system master volume.


The jukebox plays songs at different volume levels, some are really low volume while others are too loud, is there some way to cure this?


All audio tracks when written have their own internal volume levels. Use the freeware package "mp3gain" and set the gain level of all audio tracks to the default value of 89db.


A jukebox is not registering coins. We have to reboot the system when this happens.The problem is very intermitant, rebooting the pc sorts out the problem for a while, then the jukebox just stops accepting coins. Upon the reboot it works fine for a while. The emulator is lite up green everything seems ok no its not any particular coins or after any particular song has been played / rejected / or deleted.


If the emulator is lit up green constantly, this means the emulator has locked up. A perminent light on the emulator means the emulator has crashed due to some external inteferance.

Try disconnecting the reject wire at the emulator terminal block, if its connected. Wire cross capacitance can cause the emulator to crash if the reject wire run is long and particularly using cheap bell wire. Also a 800ohms resistor can be fitted between the emulator terminal block and the reject wire, this helps to block cross capacitance reaching the emulator. It may also be worth trying another coin mech.

The jukebox works ok after a reboot because the emulator is reset after every reboot, just like a general computer keyboard.


How do I remove the coin mechanism from the jukebox to unblock it. It's managed to get completely blocked with coins and I can't see how to remove it to clear it.


If you have the digital cube, there is a plastic locator lever behind the coin mech that needs lifting slightly and then pull the coin mech towards you. This should release the mech. You can also just put your fingers in the top coin entry to fully open the reject gate. If you have a retro bandbox the coin mech comes out by sliding the green / blue latch at the top of the mech backwards then lift the mech up and off of its locator pegs.


New tracks category is not showing on Digital Cube it is just showing hits the cube shows u when u put new tracks in how do i get that showing again?


The new category is only available on the latest software and only visible when the system is setup in s_mode, i_mode or L_mode The factory setting of d_mode does not show new tracks category. The category display mode can be accessed via the jukebox cabinet setup button, then by selecting the OS Control tab at the top of the page. There you will see the available category display modes


hi there when am first booting jukebox up it keeps comming up admin or jukebox i have to press on juke box to come on i need to have it starting up on its own can u help.


To make the jukebox auto start in jukebox mode, please follow following steps: -> enter adminstrator from the startup screen (password administrator) -> locate the desktop icon named "jukebox_auto_logon_on" or a similar named file, double click with a mouse if connected or select by touchscreen, then press enter on your connected keyboard. Accept all the warnings. -> do a soft restart of the system. The jukebox should now automatically auto startup in jukebox mode.


Can you please post step-by-step instructions on how to boot and restore with a restore CD.


The process to restore the system step by step is: -> connect a keyboard and mouse -> start the compter -> logon as administrator -> navigate to the mp3 folder where the music is stored on the jukebox -> connect the usb hard drive (it is recomended that every customer should have a usb hard drive for backup purposes) -> copy the music folder and its contents to the usb hard drive -> put the cd in the cd tray -> turn the jukebox off then back on -> follow the onscreen instruction to fully restore the system. -> once the jukebox is restored plug in the usb hard drive, go into setup menu on the jukebox, sub menu transfer and press the transfer media button to transfer the backed up music to the jukebox

The jukebox recovery takes 5 minutes, the music upload takes longer, depending on the number of tracks being transferred. The idea of this free forum is so you may print off these instruction and follow them. These instructions will also be here for you to reference should you have the same problem again. Hence a resolution will be much speedier the next time this problem occurs


The current problem is when initializing they are receiving the error message ‘The JVM could not be started’. I did notice just before error appeared there was a window quickly flashed up: C:\windows\system32\attrib.exe ….or something very similar if that helps. Please advise urgently!!!


If you have the digital Cube that does not have the silver flash drive, the best and quickest solution is to restore the system with the boot and restore CD provided. The site was given a new boot and restore CD with their last upgrade. After using the boot and restore CD it will be necessary to re-install all your music. This cannot be avoided and the system is returned to an as new condition prior to any music installation.


Where can we buy legal music from?


Our jukebox systems support Broadchart music (now known as "I Like Music") they can be contacted on 020 7637 8800 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              020 7637 8800      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Also ROCKit music are suppliers to our jukeboxes, they can be contacted on Mobile: 0777 577 8000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0777 577 8000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Landline: 01235 521741 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              01235 521741     


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